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The best teams in soccer history

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Over the years we have enjoyed different teams, often from the same club or nation. The English probably can’t imagine such a list without their 1966 national team, which turned out to be the best in the world in the World Cup held in the British Isles. We all remember Johan Cruyff’s Deam Team, Florentino Peres’ first era Galacticos and the famous “Zidanes y Pavones”. Platini’s France and later Zidane’s France were impressive. There were Górski’s Eagles and Piechniczka’s Eagles, and it is impossible not to mention Eusebio’s Benfica, Dalglish and Rush’s Liverpool, Beckenbauer’s Bayern and Trappatoni’s Juventus. It is worth noting that the best teams in soccer history have given players a huge adrenaline rush, which has led many to love not only sports betting.

AC Milan 1989-90

Arrigo Sacchi used to say that to be a good jockey – you don’t have to be a horse first. One of the greatest coaches in history was never an outstanding football player, but it was under his leadership that AC Milan first won the Italian championship, and then – under the ownership of Silvio Berlusconi – set out to conquer Europe.

The Dutch became European champions with the Van Basten-Gullit-Rijkaard trio, but as the first two had already played for Milan, a third was added. It was a shot in the arm. Tactical mastery, which presented then Rossoneri, is recalled to this day.

Apart from the Dutchmen, the later legends of the club stood out: Baresi and Maldini, in the midfield excelled Donadoni and Ancelotti, later great coaches. They literally rode the Champions Cup: in the semifinals they defeated Real Madrid 5:0, and in the final they finished the job with a 4:0 victory over Steaua Bucharest. A year later they also triumphed, beating Benfica 1-0 at the end.

They were unstoppable in Italy, Europe and around the world, adding the Intercontinental Cup to their trophy cabinet.

Ajax Amsterdam 1971-1973

Total soccer – these words are associated with Ajax in the early 1970s. The team built by Rinus Michels and composed of ten Dutchmen and one German ruled Europe unchallenged.

They had done what Real Madrid are doing now, winning three times in a row on the Old Continent and revolutionising soccer, thinking about it in a different way and making everyone in the Netherlands look at the team as if it were a picture

All eyes were, of course, on the man who ran with the number 14, Joahan Cruyff. “Divine Johan” is a free electron who was always where he needed to be. And it was never a place expected by his rivals, who even if they managed to cover him, he was still running away from them thanks to his incredible technique and a series of unusual moves.

Michels created the machine, but after the first Champions Cup he left for Barcelona. His replacement, Romanian Stefan Kovacs, improved the machine. In 1972, Ajax took all the trophies they could win (five, not six like Guardiola’s Barcelona, because there was no Dutch Super Cup at the time.

Spain 2008-2012

34 years after the German domination, the Spanish national team went one step further. They started with Luis Aragones in the 2008 European Championship tournament held in Austria and Switzerland and continued their winning march despite the change of manager to Vicente del Bosque.

Spain’s great time in soccer was confirmed at the World Cup in South Africa, when they took home one rival after another with a series of 1-0 results. The same happened in the final against the Netherlands. The goal for the championship gold was scored in extra time by Andres Iniesta.

Their four-year reign was crowned with a 4-0 thrashing of Italy at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. Earlier, they had competed against Italy in the group stage, beaten the French 2-0 in the quarter-finals, and after a 120-minute semi-final clash with Portugal that ended in a winning penalty shootout, Vicente del Bosque’s players could prepare for their third grand final in four years. The third victorious one.

The incredible Xavi and Iniesta, Iker Casillas in goal, the stopper pairing of Pique-Ramos, the snipers Villa and Torres – these are images that football fans around the world will long forget. This team has given fans a significant adrenaline rush, which has led to increased interest in online casinos during periods without soccer games.

Real Madrid 1956-1960

Alfredo di Stefano can look back with appreciation at the exploits of the younger Cristiano Ronaldo, who lifted the title of the best team in Europe three times, but at the same time with the knowledge: you would have to win two more to match me and my colleagues.

That pack put together the best club team the world has ever seen. Five Champions Cups in a row is the best achievement to date and the longest reign of a football team.

They crowned the royal era in the best possible way: with a 7:4 victory against Eintracht Frankfurt in the final, after four goals by Puskas and three by di Stefano. They were also the first team in history to win a club world championship.

Interestingly, its originator was… the then boss of Real, Santiago Bernabeu, after whom the stadium in the Spanish capital was named, and who reigned in the club for 35 years until his death in 1978.

Brazil 1958, 1970

The team most stretched over time, although they are actually two teams quite different. What they do have in common, however, is one who many consider to be the greatest of all time, and certainly one who played for the greatest team of all time: the 1958-70 Brazilian national team.

Why not Real Madrid? In those days, representative football was something much more important, more prestigious. Something that almost everyone paid attention to.

Better was the 1958 team, with Gerrincha, Vava, Zagalo, Zito or Didi – they shocked the world at the championship in Sweden, with incredible panache and a new idea for the game, somewhat reminiscent of the 1-4-3-3, although presented as “Brazilian” (1-4-2-4).

They won both the semi-final against the French and the final against the Swedes 5:2, thus celebrating the title of world champion for the first time in the history of Brazilian football. Four years later they repeated the success, but not in such a spectacular style: without the injured Pele, at one of the weakest tournaments ever held in Chile.

In 1970 Pele returned in great style: without Garrincha, but with other phenomenal compatriots. The final – just like twelve years earlier – won by a difference of three goals, this time 4:1 with Italy.

Rivelino was not only a great free kick shooter, but also invented the “elastico” (a move later used by Ronaldo). (a move later used by Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Ibrahimović), Garrincha was replaced on the wing by Jairzinho, and 30-year-old Pele was still great. They won the World Cup for the third time, retaining ownership of the Golden Nike statuette (the Rimet Cup).


The best teams have forever left their mark on the history of soccer, as well as a significant contribution to the development of sports betting and online casinos, because every player wanted to get regular portions of adrenaline. The best teams in history provide an influx of new fans and give a real spectacle to their fans.


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